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35 Years of Industry Experience

Our Save-A-Shield process has been the industry standard for over 35 years and we are a founding member of the NWRA in the early 90’s.

Today, the NWRA is the most credible source for nationally recognized windshield crack repair standards. After excessive development and decades of testing, we offer the most permanent and cosmetically perfect windshield crack repair. Plus, we tackle the most complex and extensive windshield damage in the industry. With the year 2020 ADAS (Automatic Driver Assist Systems) technology, not only will windshield prices increase, but the “Recalibration” process will dramatically add to the costs as well as extend the non-revenue/down time of the repaired vehicle, sometimes 30 to 60 days! Who will you trust most to repair a crack in a $200 to $1000 windshield? Remember, this is a potential savings of $150 to $950 and you only have ONE chance to repair it!

Top Rated

Preferred windshield repair company of the major car rental companies.

Best Quality

Undetectable scratch and chip repair with virtual invisible repairs.